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Corona Virus Update

Good Morning friends,

We have been asked a few times regarding the Corona Virus, what we recommend. In consultation with the Bishop’s Commissary, we submit to you the following.

Corona Virus Concerns 

John 13:34-35 - A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you

In a time when many are becoming concerned regarding the recent outbreak of the CoVid19 virus we want to remember to care for those who are concerned and those who may have compromised immune systems. To that end we remind you of a few things around communion and passing of the peace. 

  • Communion by Intinction was disallowed a number of years ago during the H1N1 flu epidemic. It continues to be disallowed. 
  • We believe, as Anglicans, that when we 'receive in part, we receive in whole'. Therefore you can take the wafer and not drink the wine and still know you have taken part fully in the sacrament. 
  • If someone is uncomfortable receiving communion at all, they may still receive a blessing by coming to the altar rail with hands crossed, indicating that desire. 
  • In terms of passing the peace - we recommend that those who are uncomfortable simply indicate to their brothers and sisters by nodding or crossing their arms - or whatever feels comfortable and that others acknowledge them in kind. 
  • We also recommend that we all follow the advisement of health officials who are recommending regular and prolonged hand washing. 

Please do remember that Christians across history have been the ones who would sit with the sick and dying when many others wouldn't. Let us continue to care for one another and not let fear guide us, instead remembering the hope we have in Christ. 



The Ven. Pilar Gateman

Executive Officer

Archdeacon of Calgary

Diocese of Calgary

180, 1209 – 59 Ave. SE

Calgary, AB T2H 2P6

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