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August Update

Every Sunday we are required to go to church as a base (yay!)

YWAM Radiant started their own little interdenominational church called Hope and Anchor community Church that I am happily starting to call my family. Now let me tell you:

Hope and Anchor started with just the people from our very, VERY small base in the basement of a Costa (it's a coffee shop and it was very very small). Now, with so much prayer and God's grace, Hope and Anchor takes place in a large local cinema in Camden town called the Odeon. We're finally having people from this broken community, full of more spiritual warfare then I would have ever imagined coming from Okotoks, coming and meeting Jesus. We recently had an event out of Radiants new amazing coffee shop/hair styling salon/tattoo parlour called THINK coffee and ink, that allowed us to go "beyond the walls" of our church and actually connect with the community through a barbecue!

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