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We Celebrate (19)

Andy Read was born in Lewisham, UK and spent his youth growing up in a boarding school.  He met his wife Glenda when they were 18 and they were married in 1975.  He spent the first years of their marriage in the British Army and emigrated to Canada in 1988. They first came to St. Peter’s in 1999, partly because of the Youth Group which interested their children.  They are the parents of one son Bryan Read who lives in Tsawwassen, BC and four daughters, Joanna Busse, Victoria Lockhart and Glennda Goudey all of whom live in Okotoks and Gelacia Goudey who lives in…
Rob was born in Grantham, England met his wife, Mary when he was 12 and she, 14.  They attended an Anglican church in Edmonton after emigrating to Canada and came to St. Peter’s in 2006.  They have three daughters, eight grandchildren and one great grandchild, all much loved. Rob was educated at the University of Leeds graduating with first class honours.  He was awarded an honorary Doctorate by the University of Montreal in 2011.  He is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Strategic Management and Organization, Faculty of Business, University of Alberta and Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Family…
Norma was born and raised in Kent, South East of London. After graduating from Technical College in the 60’s she moved to London to work in the fashion industry. In 1968 Norma was sharing an office with Haydn’s sister and it was agreed that Norma and Haydn should meet at a party on a blind date. They were married in April 1971 and began married life in the British Army; moving about 12 times in 8 years.Having accepted Christ in 1977 and Haydn in 1978, Haydn retired from the army to study theology at St. John’s College Nottingham. Upon graduation…
St. Peter’s was first recommended by a friend to Michael-Anne over fifteen years ago.  Not long after, she brought her fiancé, Ron to church with her and they’ve been here ever since. As God would have it, Michael-Ann and Ron were married at St. Peter’s in 2003. One of her bridesmaids even brought a favorite horse inside St. Peter’s West Wing at their wedding reception!  (There’s nothing like a bond between a girl and her horse). She is (not-so-wicked) stepmom to Ron’s children and Grandma to their children. And of course, loving Mom to their Labradoodle, Chase! (pictured on the left with Mike) Michael-Ann is an accomplished horsewoman who…
After moving to Okotoks in 1998, Jacques and his wife Carolyn began attending St. Peter’s because the people were very friendly and the atmosphere so inviting.  At home with his family, and in Quebec where he grew up, Jacques is actually “Jack”.  Only in Okotoks and Calgary do people use the French pronunciation of his name.  Go figure!  They have one daughter, Dayna who lives in Lethbridge with her family including Jacques’ first grand-daughter Olivia.  If he gets his hands on the baby, Grandpa is highly unlikely to give her up and Grandma is out of luck!Jacques retired in 2017 and has had about enough…
Ken and his wife Marian moved from Fareham, Hampshire, England in 1981 with their two daughters to SE Calgary and some time later built a house in Bragg Creek. Following that, they moved to Okotoks and sought out St. Peter’s as they’ve always been Anglicans and our church became their home.  Ken is a retired Engineering Technologist, having worked for Fluor, in the oil and gas industry; (a great profession to be retired from, these days).   He loves to travel and has been to many countries including India, Italy, the Caribbean, Mexico, many parts  of the U.S., Spain, the Panama Canal, Nicaragua and…
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